Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Math Exercise Kid (Multiplication)

Math Exercise Kid (Multiplication) is an interactive math exercise application for students to practice multiplications.  Students can perform step-by-step multiplication exercises, and show work by using the column filed(s) with each exercise. Math Exercise Kid (Multiplication) provides mobility and flexibility for students to practice multiplication exercises. Students can easily apply multiplication skills learned through the Math Exercise Kid (Multiplication) to paper-based exercise in schools. 
-Nine different levels: multiplicand (up to three digits) and multiplier (up to three digits)
-Columns to help students show work
-Randomly generated numbers for variety
-Option to choose number of exercises in each exercise session
-Option to turn on and turn off sound effects
-Summary of student's achievement in each exercise session 


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  1. Educating kid with new games and innovative ideas combined with basic educational methods really help them to deal with the understanding in time and in better way