Friday, 11 November 2011

At the Open House! Nov. 19, 2011

Ice Whale will participate to an exciting event held by

Here is this event will take place smartappsforkids facebook

We ran out of promo codes; therefore, we will set the price of two of our best sellers to ZERO dollars instead of giving out codes for 24 hours. They are “Math Exercise Kid” and “Math Exercise Kid HD (Addition & Subtraction)“

Here is the tutorial I made for Math Exercise Kid HD (Addition & Subtraction)

In order to ensure the time frame that fits “the Open House!” event, we will adjust the price before and after the event.

As we mentioned, this is a great event; therefore, not only us, there will, of course, be a lot of developers offering their apps freely or giving out codes/discounts. We strongly encourage you to participate and take advantage of it.

Here again, we thank Ron ( who provides this great opportunity and wish everyone attends this event can have a tremendous day.

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